Wassup Rockers

Release date:June 23, 2006

Studio:First Look Pictures

Director:Larry Clark

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive language, some violence, sexual content and teen drinking)


Starring:Jonathan Velasquez, Francisco Pedrasa, Milton Velasquez, Yunior Usualdo Panameno, Eduardo Velasquez, Luis Rojas-Salgado, Carlos Velasco


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Plot Summary:

"Wassup Rockers" is set in South Central Los Angeles and follows a group of largely Hispanic teenagers who, instead of conforming to the hip-hop culture of their neighborhood, ride skateboards, listen to punk rock and wear their clothes tight. Constantly harassed, they take buses to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Hollywood, where they skate and catch the attention of the local rich girls, inevitably leading to trouble with parents, police and boyfriends.