Void Moon

Release date:TBD

Studio:Nu Image Films, Millennium Films

Director:Yves Simoneau

MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Drama, Crime

Plot Summary:

Life has dealt Cassie Black a very poor hand. Her father simply abandoned the family for the Las Vegas casinos. Attempting to rob a high roller, Max, the love of Cassie's life, plunged from a casino penthouse through a glass ceiling. Through a quirk in Nevada law and the casinos' desire to make an example of someone, Cassie, an accomplice in the attempted robbery, was convicted of manslaughter in Max's death. Now on parole, Cassie is trying to stay straight and live with the torments of her past. Ultimately, she fails and agrees to rob another high roller at the same casino where Max died. But the mark turns out to be a Mob bagman, and Cassie is soon on the run from Jack Karch, a psychopathic pit bull of a private eye employed by the casino who leaves no witnesses alive.