Visions of Mary Frank

Release date:April 16, 2014


Director:John Cohen

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Mary Frank


Plot Summary:

When Mary Frank began her artwork in the 1950s, she was known in the New York City arts community as a beautiful, young woman. Photographed by Walker Evans, Edward Steichen, Ralph Gibson and her then-husband Robert Frank, the pictures captured their vision of her. They did not present her as an artist. Filmmaker John Cohen has known Frank and her work for over 50 years. This new film is a window into her vision. Frank's creations never fit into categories of Abstract Expressionist, Pop, Conceptual, new expressionism, outsider art. Her work is in nearly every major American museum. Her explorations take form in drawings, triptychs, paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture. In clay, magnificent female figures emerge from the earth, evoking mythic gods and human frailties.