Release date:November 18, 2005

Studio:Wolfe Releasing

Director:Angelina Maccarone

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jasmin Tabatabai, Navíd Akhavan, Bernd Tauber, Majid Farahat, Georg Friedrich, Atischeh Hannah Braun, Mikail Dersim Sefer, Haranet Minlik, Homa Tehrani, Frank Frede, Barbara Falter, Ruth Wohlschlegel, Jevgenij Sitochin, Dmitri Dykhovichnij, Dominik Glaubitz


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Plot Summary:

Originally "Unveiled" was titled "Fremde Haut" which means In Orbit — the term officially used by the UN to refer to asylum-seekers who find themselves orbiting around planet Earth because they can actually find legal domicile nowhere at all. Fariba, prosecuted in Iran because of her love for a woman, flees to Germany. But her application for asylum is turned down. Her desperate prospects are improved by the suicide of her fellow-inmate, a man named Siamak, who has received a temporary permit of sojourn just before his death. Assuming his identity, she is sent to a refugee camp near a small German village. At first her survival seems to be assured, but the strain of upholding her male disguise in the cramped refugee quarters reveals the threat that a single mistake could blow her cover. In order to pay for forged documents, Fariba takes an illegal job in a sauerkraut factory, where she meets Anne. The two grow close - indeed dangerously close for Farbia as Anne begins to suspect her true identity.