Untitled Gehenna Project

Release date:TBD


Director:Jason Connery

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Cuba Gooding Jr., Taryn Manning, Ron Perlman, Henry Rollins, Valerie Cruz, Ray Winstone, Jason London, Franky G, Zack Ward, Stephanie Jacobson, Brandon Fobbs

Genre:Drama, Action, Adventure

Plot Summary:

Sean Connery's son, Jason Connery, is directing the tale of an elite group of soldiers (Gooding, Manning, Jason London, Franky G, Zack Ward, Stephanie Jacobson and Brandon Fobbs) sent on a covert mission by a government agent (Cruz) to retrieve a missing scientist (Perlman) from an underground lab. They encounter a priest (Rollins) who tells them that an "ancient evil" has been released, causing their greatest fears to come to life. Their former leader (Winstone) plays a pivotal role in uncovering what is actually taking place at the facility.