Toro negro

Release date:March 30, 2006

Studio:Cinema Tropical

Directors:Carlos Armella, Pedro González-Rubio

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Fernando Pacheco, Romelia Sosa, Mario Tello, Teodoro


Plot Summary:

Fernando Pacheco, known as 'El Negro' or 'El Suicida', is a matador on the Yucatan peninsula (South Mexico), the hinterland of the tourist resorts on the Maya Rivièra. El Negro - more of a stuntman than toreador - doesn't fight in the large arenas, but displays his talents in the poor districts where makeshift fences keep the skinny bulls in the makeshift arena. He is in his early twenties, has a relationship with the somewhat older Rosalia and boasts a large number of scars, both physical and psychological. González-Rubio and Armella make their documentary début by following their tragic hero in a personal, intimate way with their mini-DV camera. The result is an impressive portrait of an occasionally charming, but often blind drunk, aggressive and impulsive man.