Through the Eyes of a Son

Release date:TBD



MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Robert Egan, Dimi Sloane, Isaiah Washington

Genre:Drama, Music, Biography

Plot Summary:

Legendary singer Lou Rawls is getting the biopic treatment. "Through the Eyes of a Son" is described as an uncensored take on the singer written by his son Lou Rawls Jr., with Isaiah Washington attached to play the famed crooner. Born in Chicago in 1933, Rawls sang in a range of styles that included blues, soul, funk and R&B, selling millions of albums and earning legions of fans, as well as the accolades of Frank Sinatra. He also, according to the script, had a traumatic life, enduring a poverty-stricken childhood and, in adulthood, intense marital strife. Rawls, who died in 2006, also had a side career in Hollywood, lending his voice to such cartoons as "Garfield" and "Hey Arnold!" and making appearances in movies like "Blues Brothers 2000."