This Divided State

Release date:August 4, 2005
(SF; NY & Seattle release: August 19)

Studio:Minority Films

Director:Steven Greenstreet

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Michael Moore, Sean Hannity


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Plot Summary:

This Divided State is a raw and riveting examination of the firestorm created when Utah Valley State College invited controversial filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus. The announcement that the liberal filmmaker would be speaking in Utah a few months prior to the 2004 Presidential election rocked the complacent Republican-majority state. Within 24 hours, media frenzy descended upon the College and the city of Orem-also known as Family City, USA - in the heart of conservative Mormon country. The “Moore decision” sparked debate among students, staff and neighbors as to who should and should not be allowed to speak at a college funded by the state. To balance the debate and help calm the outrage, the College invited Fox News’ Sean Hannity to speak a few days before Michael Moore. This only served to fuel the fire as the controversy exploded into a full-blown war of political and religious beliefs. One local businessman, a millionaire and Sunday School teacher, appointed himself community spokesperson and made headlines when he attempted to bribe the college with a $25,000 personal check to cancel Moore’s speech. This Divided State captures all the protests, anger, finger pointing, and debate, as lawsuits were filed, resignations submitted, and friendships torn apart. The director, Steven Greenstreet, a former Brigham Young University student, filmed the controversy over the course of 3 months with the help of fellow students.