The Wayward Cloud

Release date:February 23, 2007

Studio:Not available

Director:Tsai Ming-liang

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Lu Yi-ching, Yang Kuei-mei, Yoza-kura Sumomo, Hsiao Huan-wen, Lin Hui-xun

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Musical

Plot Summary:

A young woman named Shiang-Chyi returns from France to discover that the promenade in front of the main railway station in Taipei has been torn down and she can no longer meet watch salesman Hsiao-Kang there. The whole city is beset by a extreme water shortage and Shiang-Chyi is obliged to either steal water from her workplace or drink watermelon juice. The need to save water seems to preoccupy the lonely Shiang-Chyi just as much as a suitcase she is having trouble opening. One day she runs into Hsiao-Kang by chance in the park and a tender romance with daily trysts at Shiang-Chyi's apartment ensues. What Shiang-Chyi doesn't know is that Hsiao-Kang is now working as an actor in porn films and that these videos are even made in a neighbouring apartment of the building where she lives. The puzzling narrative is interspersed by lively and imaginative musical sequences that transport the viewer away from the mysterious things that take place in Shiang-Chyi's apartment. Meanwhile, the young woman's abode becomes a refuge for a number of very strange characters.