The Wait

Release date:January 31, 2014
(LA, NY)

Studio:Monterey Media

Director:M. BLash

MPAA Rating:R (for some sexual content, brief nudity, language and drug use)


Starring:Jena Malone, Chloë Sevigny, Luke Grimes, Josh Hamilton, Devon Gearhart, Lana Elizabeth Green, Michael O’Keefe

Genre:Drama, Thriller

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Plot Summary:

An enigmatic phone call from a psychic catapults a family into a state of suspended belief while waiting for their recently-deceased mother to be resurrected. One sister believes the claim, and the other staunchly opposes it until she encounters a chance at love, giving her hope that anything, even resurrection, is possible. A discordant struggle between sisters plays out in a world where the virtual and real often converge.