The Vatican Tapes

Release date: July 24, 2015

Studio: Lionsgate

Director: Mark Neveldine

MPAA Rating: N/A

Screenwriters: , ,

Starring: Dougray Scott, Djimon Hounsou, Peter Andersson, Kathleen Robertson, Michael Pena, John Patrick Amedori, Olivia Dudley, Alex Sparrow

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

Plot Summary:

"The Vatican Tapes" follows the haunting tale of 27-year-old Angela Holmes, played by Dudley, an ordinary girl who begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close to her, causing serious injury and death. The local priest, Father Lozano, played by Pena, examines Holmes and believes she is possessed, but when Vicar Imani, portrayed by Hounsou, and Cardinal Bruun, played by Andersson, are called from the Vatican to exorcise the demon, it proves to be an ancient satanic force more powerful than they imagined.

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