The Tenants

Release date:February 3, 2006

Studio:Millennium Films

Director:Danny Green

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive language, some violence, sexual content and drug use)


Starring:Dylan McDermott, Snoop Dogg, Rose Byrne, Nikki J. Crawford, Aldis Hodge, Seymour Cassel

Genre:Drama, Mystery

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Plot Summary:

Harry Lesser, a Jewish-American writer, (Dylan McDermott) is the last remaining tenant in an abandoned New York apartment building. He is desperately trying to finish his novel. Unknowingly Lesser is sharing the building with another writer. African American Willie Spearmint (Snoop Dog) is using the quite space to come to terms with his violent and socially oppressed past. The two men live in the building and work with and against each other to create their own specific stories. As distrust grows between the men, the uneasy friendship falls to the wayside and is replaced by jealousy, rage and violence. Based on the novel by Bernard Malamud.