The Secret

Release date:TBD

Studio:Not Available

Director:Vincent Perez

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:David Duchovny, Brendan Sexton III, Lili Taylor, Olivia Thirlby, Brandon Blue, Steven Crowder, Macha Grenon, Mariah Inger, Trisha LaFache, Tristan D. Lalla, Laurence Leboeuf, Li Li, Kathleen Mackey, Joanna Noyes, Corey Sevier, Ashley Springer, Ryan Tilson

Genre:Thriller, Horror

Plot Summary:

Based on a Japanese novel by Keigo Higashino that was turned into a film, "Himitsu" in 1999, the thriller is about a man whose life changes suddenly after the bus carrying his wife and daughter goes off a cliff. The wife dies at the hospital, but the daughter lives. When she regains consciousness, she appears to be possessed by the dead wife.