The Reception

Release date:July 15, 2005

Studio:Strand Releasing

Director:John G. Young

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Pamela Holden Stewart, Wayne Lamont Sims, Margaret Burkwit, Darien Sills-Evan, Chris Burmeister

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

From the director of "Parallel Sons," "The Reception" is a story about love and fear, race and sexuality, truth and compromise, and having the courage to let go. Far away from the complexities of modern life, in a large farmhouse in upstate New York, Jeanette buries her sorrows and regrets in alcohol and daily confrontations. Her husband, Martin, is a quiet, introspective artist who spends his time painting in his private studio and cleaning up after his wife's destructive habits. When Jeanette's estranged daughter, Sierra, returns with her new husband, Andrew, their fragile existence is uprooted. As Jeanette plans an extravagant reception for her daughter, Andrew becomes increasingly drawn to Martin. Over the course of a week, the two men become sexually embroiled, and Jeanette's world is shattered.