The President's Last Bang

Release date:October 14, 2005
(NY; LA release: October 18)

Studio:Kino International

Director:Im Sangsoo

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Han Sukgyu, Balk Yoonshik, Song Jaeho, Kim Eungsoo, Yang Kwon Byunggil, Jeong Wonjoong, Cho Sanggun, Cho Eunjl, Kim Yoonah

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

October, 1979, Seoul... A private dinner party for the President and his three closest confidants — his Chief Bodyguard, his Chief Secretary, and the Director of the Korean CIA ... A struggle between the three for the President’s influence... When the night's female entertainment arrives — the pop singer of the moment and a budding starlet — the KCIA Director leaves the room and announces to his stunned agents that he's going to shoot their President... 24 hours that shocked and changed South Korea forever is brought to the screen by director Im Sangsoo in "The President's Last Bang".