The Plague (Wysiwyg Films)

Release date:October 3, 2006

Studio:Wysiwyg Films

Director:Greg Hall

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Samuel Anokye, Brett Harris, David Bonnick Junior, Nur Alam Rahman, Skinnyman , DJ Flip


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Plot Summary:

Some things will never change; crime will always pay someone, your friends will always be your family, and hate will always breed hate. As the world shrinks and the class divide grows, it's survival of the quickest on the streets of inner city London "The Plague" follows four young friends as they do what they can to get by and get high in the world they are trapped in. This debut feature film from acclaimed director Greg Hall, was winner of Mike Leigh's inaugural Katrin Cartlidge Award. Featuring music from London's underground hip hop scene; freestyle legends such as Skinnyman and DJ Flip lent their full collaboration to the film's superb soundtrack. Greg Hall's gritty and genuine expression of his own experiences growing up draws parallels with La Haine, and takes the audience on an uncompromising ride through urban life.