The Mighty Celt

Release date:August 26, 2005

Studio:BBC Films

Director:Pearse Elliott

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Gillian Anderson, Robert Carlyle, Sean McGinley, Tyrone McKenna, Ken Stott, Bronagh Taggart


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Plot Summary:

From the moment 14-year old Donal sets eyes on the fawn greyhound, he knows he's onto a winner. Donal works at a kennels and convinces his boss that he can turn the dog into "a ball of speed" — and if he wins three races, then the dog belongs to Donal! As he trains him, the bond between them grows, just like the bond between his mother and estranged father, who has returned home after many years away. All Donal wants is to keep the dog and restore family life, but he learns that he must make a huge sacrifice on the way.