The Long Weekend

Release date:June 9, 2006

Studio:Gold Circle Films

Director:Pat Holden

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Chris Klein, Brendan Fehr, Chandra West, Cobie Smulders, Craig Fairbass


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Plot Summary:

Overworked? Undersexed? So is advertising executive Ed Waxman (Brendan Fehr), who must come up with a great new ad campaign within 48 hours or he'll be fired. But his babe magnet brother, Cooper (Chris Klein), has other ideas: to get his stressed-out brother laid. From meeting single mothers to strippers to desperate older ladies, each dating encounter is a disaster. Ed has resigned himself to the fact that he's about to lose his job and will never have sex again...until he meets the woman of his dreams. Now, with hope and luck on his side, maybe - just maybe - he'll be able to save his job and have sex, all in the course of "The Long Weekend."