The Lions of Lucerne

Release date:TBD

Studio:Warner Bros. Pictures


MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Thriller, Action

Plot Summary:

Based on Brad Thor's series of bestselling Scot Harvath novels. Harvath, a secret service agent and former Navy SEAL, is the protagonist in nine novels by Thor, beginning with "The Lions of Lucerne," which is being eyed as the basis for a first franchise feature. Lucerne features Harvath racing against time when the President is kidnapped and held for ransom. As his investigation begins, Harvath soon finds himself framed for the murder of fellow agents and on the run from his own government as well. Other Harvath novels include "Path of the Assassin," "State of the Union," "Blowback," "Takedown," "The First Commandment," "The Last Patriot," "The Apostle" and "Foreign Influence."