The Last Mogul

Release date:June 24, 2005


Director:Barry Avrich

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for brief strong language and some sexual references)


Starring:Peter Bart, David Brown, Helen Gurley Brown, David Carr, Jimmy Carter, Charles Champlin, George Christy, Kay Coleman, Janet De Cordova, Garth H. Drabinsky, Dominick Dunne, Robert Evans, Leonard Goldberg, Wendy Goldberg, Jay Kanter, Larry King, Alan Ladd Jr., Michael Ovitz, Suzanne Pleshette, Frank Price, Al Setnick, Kathleen Sharp, Jack Valenti, Richard Zanuck


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Plot Summary:

Corruption, mafia scandals, political power plays and unprecedented deal making. As an agent, Lew Wasserman ruled Hollywood for more than half a century, pioneering the concept of packaging movies and creating star perks we now take for granted. This provocative doc chronicles his rise to power to his final tragic days.