The Happy Poet

Release date:March 22, 2013

Studio:Cinema Libre Studio

Director:Paul Gordon

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Chris Doubek, Sam Wainwright Douglas

Genre:Drama, Romance, Crime


Copyright Holder:N/A


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Plot Summary:

"The Happy Poet," is an all-organic, mostly vegetarian comedy about Bill, a struggling poet who pours his heart, soul, and last few dollars into starting a healthy food stand, surprising friends and customers with his dry wit and offbeat passion. Motivated by help from a rag-tag group of supporters and a budding romance with a poetry-loving customer, Bill strives to make a difference in the world, until surprising complications jeopardize his new friendships and threaten Bill’s dreams for a hot dog-free future. "The Happy Poet" cleverly re-works the classic American film story of the underdog struggling against the system, adding a dose of deadpan humor and a fresh take on a young generation’s interest in the intersection of a social conscience and the food we eat.

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