The Gathering

Release date: October 3, 2006

Studio: Genius Products (The Weinstein Company)

Director: Brian Gilbert

MPAA Rating: R (for violence and language)


Starring: Robert Hardy, Christina Ricci, Stephen Dillane, Ioan Gruffudd, Kerry Fox, Simon Russell Beale, Harry Forrester, Jessica Mann

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

Plot Summary:

A drifter named Cassie (Ricci)is hit by a car while going to the town of Ashby Wake and ends up losing her memory, but the woman who hit her offers to take her in. At the old house, Cassie begins to have visions, as she learns that there may be more connections between her and the strange town than she remembers.

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