The Fallen

Release date:March 9, 2006

Studio:Anthem Pictures International

Director:Ari Taub

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:John McVay, Brett Smith, Antonio Oliveri, John O’Leary, Ron Hirt, Ruben Pla

Genre:Drama, War

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Plot Summary:

Director Ari Taub set out to make a highly involved WWII movie, an epic undertaking. Producer Curtis Mattikow describes, "It is absolutely 100 percent accurate, more so than 'Saving Private Ryan'... very little is reproduced. While we had some grandiose battles, we realized it was far more important to focus on their humanity" said Mattikow. "Not trying to impress everybody with a lot of explosions." The Fallen" provocatively portrays the differences in values, morals and patriotism between the cultures while exploring the human similarities found in soldiers from all sides. Capturing the feeling of an old newsreel, "The Fallen" exposes the horror and humanity of war while serving as a powerful reminder of current military conflict in Iraq. Shot on location in the United States and Italy, "The Fallen" has been embraced by audiences for its attention to detail and balanced depiction, garnering awards such as "Best New Director" for Taub from the Brooklyn International Film Festival, "Best Film" at the Big Bear Film Festival and "Best Screenplay" for writers Nick Day and Caio Ribeiro at the Breckenride Film Festival. International audiences have also appreciated the films timeless story of humanity with successful screenings at Croatia's Dubrovnik International Film Festival, England's Bradford International Film Festival and at the acclaimed Moscow International Film Festival. Life is seen through the eyes of a doomed German unit and their ragtag Italian partners in late 1944. The axis was already down the long slope of defeat and instead of spectacle, the film looks at the everyday life of the soldiers, their encounters on the road, their hopes and dreams. "The Fallen" captures the feel of old newsreel, and reminds viewers of the subjective media filter through which war coverage passes. It's a telling reminder of the war in Iraq, which may be current but is no less real.