The Business

Release date:September 2, 2005

Studio:Pathé Distribution

Director:Nick Love

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Geoff Bell, Georgina Chapman, Camille Coduri, Linda Henry, Roland Manookian, Martin Marquez, Eddie Webber

Genre:Drama, Thriller

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Plot Summary:

"The Business," directed by "The Football Factory" helmer Nick Love is a story of passion, crime and friendships tested to the limit. Set in the Thatcher era with the cool sounds of the 80's, "The Business" is an action packed gangster flick set in Spain's sun drenched costa del crime. Frankie (Danny Dyer), is on the run from the high-rise's of South London to a new life in Malaga with nothing but a tin stuffed full of cash. Having no idea that this delivery of cash to super-suave playboy and ex-con, Charlie (Tamer Hassan), will change his life forever, he soon becomes one of the gang, and finds himself drawn into a flamboyant and violent world of organised crime.