The Beauty Remains

Release date:September 19, 2007

Studio:Emerging Pictures

Director:Ann Hu

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Xue Ju, Lisa Lu, Zhiwen Wang, Vivian Wu, Lixin Yang, Xun Zhou


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Plot Summary:

Set in 1948 in Qingdao, China against a backdrop of the rise of Communism, "The Beauty Remainstells the story of two sisters-Fei (Zhou Xun) and Ying (Vivian Wu)-separated by the dictates of custom, bound together by the will of their recently deceased father, Master Li, a legendary entrepreneur and a man who has "made generations of women suffer." The illegitimate daughter of Master Li and the maid of the household, Fei has grown up in disgrace while her half-sister, Ying, has lived a life of opulent leisure. When Master Li dies, the sisters learn that the continuation of Fei's academic scholarship and the liquidation of the family's estate are contingent upon the return of Fei to the Li household. Forced to invite her half-sister back into the family fold, Ying is enraged. Ying assumes, however, that this proud young woman will be no threat to her eventual claim to the family fortune. But there is one complication Ying didn't count on. Though Ying and Huang (Wang Zhi Wen)-a charismatic casino owner and reformed roué-have intended to marry for many years, their relationship has always been tumultuous. Now, as two women whose lives have been dictated by the often cruel decrees of men struggle to transcend that influence, Huang is forced to choose between the love of the woman who enchants him and the reckless affair that will tear a household apart.