The Beauty Academy of Kabul

Release date:March 24, 2006
(NY; LA release: April 28, 2006)

Studio:Shadow Distribution

Director:Liz Mermin

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Not available


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Plot Summary:

What happens when a group of hairdressers from America travel to Kabul with the intention of telling Afghan women how to do hair and makeup? This engaging, optimistic documentary tracks a unique development project: a shiny new beauty school, funded in part by beauty-industry mainstays, which sets out to teach the latest cutting, coloring, and perming techniques to practicing and aspiring Afghan hairdressers and beauticians. The American teachers, all volunteers, include three Afghan-Americans returning home for the first time in over twenty years. "The Beauty Academy of Kabul" offers a rare glimpse into Afghan women's lives, and documents the poignant and often humorous process through which women with very different experiences of life come to learn about one another.