The Beautiful Country

Release date:July 8, 2005
(NY, LA)

Studio:Sony Pictures Classics

Director:Hans Petter Molland

MPAA Rating:R (for some language and a crude sexual reference)


Starring:Bai Ling, Tim Roth, Nick Nolte, Damien Nguyen, Temuera Morrison, Thu Anh, Glen Bradford, Thi Kim Xuan Chau, Xuan Phuc Dins, Damien Hung, John Hussey, Thi Hoa Mai, Arthur J. Nascarella, Than Kien Nguyen, Man-Chat To, Dang Quoc Thinh Tran

Genre:Drama, Action

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Plot Summary:

"The Beautiful Country" follows the story of Binh, a shy Vietnamese man in his 20s who embarks on a personal journey with a young beautiful woman, Ling, aboard a refugee ship to America in search of a better life and Binh's estranged American father.

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