Swimming Upstream

Release date:February 4, 2005

Studio:United Artists (MGM)

Director:Russell Mulcahy

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (thematic material involving alcoholism and domestic abuse)


Starring:Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Jesse Spencer, Tim Draxl, David Hoflin, Craig Horner, Brittany Byrnes, Deborah Kennedy, Mark Hembrow, Mitchell Dellevergin, Thomas Davidson, Kain O'Keefe, Robert Quinn, Keeara Byrnes, Des Drury


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Plot Summary:

"Swimming Upstream" tells the compelling and inspirational true story of Tony Fingleton, a young man from a troubled family who found the inner strength to become a champion. Based on Anthony Fingleton's novel of the same name and set in 1950s Brisbane, Australia, Swimming Upstream stars Jesse Spencer as Tony, a young man who beats the odds to become a champion swimmer in spite of his overbearing, alcoholic father (Geoffrey Rush) and long-suffering but quietly heroic mother (Judy Davis). Overshadowed in his father's eyes by his brothers, it's only when Tony displays an extraordinary swimming talent that he feels he has a shot at winning his father's heart - and maybe even Olympic gold.