Stuff and Dough

Release date:April 23, 2008

Studio:Mitropoulos Films

Director:Cristi Puiu

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Alexandru Papadopol, Dragos Bucur, Ioana Flora


Plot Summary:

Ovidiu (Alexandru Papadopol), a young man from the port city of Constanta (the second largest city in Romania) runs his own business selling snacks and soft drinks out of his parents apartment. He wants to expand and buy a kiosk, but he doesn't have the "dough." A local small-time gangster offers him an impressive amount of money for an apparently simple job: the delivery of a mysterious bag to an address in Bucharest. It seems, however, that the bag contains some "stuff" that concerns other people. Puiu takes us in a rattle-trap van with this naive young man, his pal and the pals girlfriend, en route to the Romanian capital. Their conversation and the action veers from the mundane and the idiotic to the sinister and the bizarre. Puiu's sense of humor is never far from the surface, but neither is his notion that Romania is a land of ambition, serious contradictions, corruption, foolishness and brutality.