Still of Night

Release date:TBD


Director:Jonathan Mostow

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Susan Sarandon, Michelle Monaghan


Plot Summary:

A paranoia thriller that builds to a pulse-pounding crescendo, "Still of Night" is a smart, stylish ride packed with shocking twists that will give you nightmares - because it could actually happen to you. Katie Tyler (Michelle Monaghan) is an aspiring career woman with everything finally falling into place…until her sister Gwen disappears. Fully aware of Gwen's tainted past and suddenly left to take care of her young daughter, Katie sets out determined to bring her back. But as she traces Gwen's last whereabouts, Katie begins to suspect foul play, and soon finds herself tangled in the midst of a dangerous conspiracy with cruel and inhumane consequences. Trapped and running out of time, Katie must outwit a devious criminal (Susan Sarandon) to save herself and her sister – before it's too late.