Release date:April 8, 2005

Studio:Dark Forest Releasing

Director:Jeffrey Kramer

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for some mature content involving teen sexuality)


Starring:Sean Astin, Mika Boorem, Beau Bridges, Yi Ding, Linda Hamilton, Cheri Oteri, Essie Shure, Jia Song, Jonathon Trent, Erik von Detten, Luoyong Wang


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Plot Summary:

Katie, a teenage girl from Malibu, California, finds herself in the throes of growing up, facing her parents, her boyfriends, her sexuality and a very privileged life. Half a world away in rural, China, Lin, born on the same day as Katie, faces a much different reality. Because of a severe facial deformity, she lives a life of fear and shame. Her father, Daniel, has devoted his life to her, with hopes and dreams that her circumstances will change one day. The opportunity comes with the discovery of the worldwide "Doctor's Gift" program. Katie volunteers and comes to China. Once there, she is deeply touched by the work, which prompts her to take off on her own to find Lin. A "smile" is brought to Lin's face, Katie finds her soul and their extraordinary connection becomes a life-changing experience for both girls.