Skid Marks

Release date:January 25, 2007

Studio:Diversa Films

Director:Karl Kozak

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Tyler Poelle, Mikey Post, Scott Dittman, Les Jennings, Kathy Uyen, Tim Piper, David Schultz, Dianna Agron, Chuck Kelley, Larrs Jackson, Joel Roman


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Plot Summary:

"Skid Marks" is the hilarious tale of two rival ambulance companies and their misfit medics; the Bayside Ambulatory Life Services (B.A.L.S) team and the Downtown Intensive Care (D.I.C.) Unit. When budget cuts strike their quiet town of Bayside, it's clear one ambulance unit must go. Now with their egos and beer money on the line, these below-average EMT's (emergency medical technicians) are about to prove they'll stop at nothing to save their patients, their jobs and their alter egos. Hold on to you seat cushions and hide your meds, as the heroes of "Skid Marks" penetrate a theater near you.