Release date:April 7, 2006

Studio:Strand Releasing

Director:Eddy Terstall

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Cees Geel, Marcel Hensema, Rifka Lodeizen, Daan Ekkel, Eva Duijvestein, Nadja Hüpscher, Dirk Zeelenberg, Johnny de Mol, Maria Kooistra

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

In 1988 the shy gay dental student Camiel (Marcel Hensema) is run over by the jeep of Simon (Cees Geel). Simon is a rough freespirited guy with a heart of gold. Hasjdealer, super straight. Simon brings Camiel to the emergency room and an unlikely friendship starts. Simon is all hospitality and he sees the humor in gay Camiel. The initiative comes from Camiel though, who is fascinated by the rough streetwise world of Simon. Simon acts on things that he, Camiel, doesn't dare to do. Simon has a girlfriend, Sharon (Rifka Lodeijzen), a famous kickbockser and a friend, Marco (Daan Ekkel), covered in tattoos and possibly even wilder than Simon. Invited by Simon Camiel comes along with the gang to Thailand. There he first visits the filmset of an American Vietnam movie of which Simon is the stunt coordinator. Then Camiel goes toan island where the rest of the gang hangs out. The friendship with Simon is put to the test after which the two lose sight of each other. Fourteen years later Camiel bumps into Simon on the street. He turns out to be seriously ill but Simon treats it very casually. As he does with the incident 12 years ago that caused him and Sharon to divorce. Camiel, who is now living together with lawyer Bram (Dirk Zeelenberg), is charmed by Simon all over again. He befriends his twenty year old daughter Joy (Eva Duijvestein) and her fifteen year old brother Nelson (Stijn Koomen). The two kids attend the Vossius Gymnasium and talk a posh Amsterdam-South dialect their father does not. Camiel experiences from closeby how Simon and his dearest deal with his disease. It is the power and humor that Simon displays in these difficult times that leaves a deep impression with Camiel.