Release date:July 21, 2006

Studio:Teton Films, Lee Daniels Entertainment

Director:Lee Daniels

MPAA Rating:R (for strong graphic violence and sexuality, nudity, language and some drug use)


Starring:Cuba Gooding, Jr. , Helen Mirren, Vanessa Ferlito, Stephen Dorff, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mo’Nique , Macy Gray

Genre:Drama, Thriller, Crime

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Plot Summary:

"Shadowboxer" is an emotionally-charged, full-throttle noir, which delves deep into the harsh underworld of organized crime and uncovers the complex lives of trained assassins, Mikey (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Rose (Helen Mirren). But when a brutal crime boss wants his wife dead, Rose has a change of heart when they find her pregnant. And so, the three begin a harrowing life on the run. Driven by fierce love, Rose and Mikey protect their adopted family from present danger - looking to redeem their tragic past. In this taut thriller, Daniels continues to draw characters and stories from the darkest edges of life. Unafraid to tackle controversial social issues, Daniels carves out his own creative niche in independent cinema, marked by a commitment to multidimensional representations of African-Americans. "Shadowboxer" marks the directorial debut of Lee Daniels, producer of the Academy Award-nominated "Monster's Ball" and the critically acclaimed "The Woodsman."