Saviors in the Night

Release date:March 9, 2012

Studio:Menemsha Films

Director:Ludi Boeken

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Veronica Ferres, Armin Rohde, Margarita Broich, Martin Horn, Lia Hoensbroech


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Plot Summary:

Menne Spiegel (Armin Rohde, "Run Lola Run") was an old friend, a decorated fellow veteran of WWI, and a Jew. Despite being patriotic Germans and Nazi sympathizers, the Aschoff family, fellow farmers of Westphalia, took in Menne's wife Marga (Veronica Ferres) and daughter Karin and hid them, rescuing them from deportation and certain death. "Saviors in the Night" is based on the experiences of Marga Spiegel, whose memoirs became a bestseller in Germany. She is currently 98 years old and still lives in Germany.