Saving Shiloh

Release date:May 12, 2006

Studio:New Dog Distribution

Director:Sandy Tung

MPAA Rating:PG (for thematic elements and mild peril)


Starring:Jason Dolley, Ann Dowd, Scott Wilson, Gerald McRaney, Taylor Momsen


Plot Summary:

Sixth-grader Marty and his family attempt to help Shiloh's previous owner, Judd Travers, redeem himself after a near-fatal truck accident depicted in "Shiloh Season" (the second book and movie). Marty and his family give Judd the benefit of the doubt, believing that he can change his evil ways, but the rest of the community is convinced that Judd can never change. Hoping to save Judd's other dogs the way he saved Shiloh, Marty begins helping Judd care for the animals. However, when Judd is suspected of murdering a man who has disappeared, Marty fears he has put himself, and Shiloh, in a dangerous situation.