Release date:October 28, 2016

Studio:Paramount Pictures


MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Alex Roe, Matilda Lutz, Johnny Galecki, David Dorfman

Genre:Thriller, Horror

Plot Summary:

'Rings" to be a prequel about the origin of Samara’s reign of terror. Taking place before the creation of the unmarked tape which terrorized the characters of "The Ring" and "The Ring Two."

Roe is Holt, a young man who begins to become distant from his girlfriend, Julia (Lutz) after watching the infamous deadly videotape the series is known for.

The first installment, directed by Gore Verbinski (the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films) and starring Naomi Watts, earned an impressive $249.3 million worldwide in 2002. Watts reprised her role in director Hideo Nakata's "The Ring Two," which made $161.5 million in 2005.

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