Release date:April 28, 2006
(LA: NY release: May 12)

Studio:God Inc.

Director:Bret Carr

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Bret Carr, Kumar Pallana, Burt Young, Ernest Mingione, Starla Benford, Jon Jacobs, Suzanne Didonna, Jason Heyworth


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Plot Summary:

A violent, street-fighting, extreme-stutterer becomes a great, powerful communicator. "Revoloution" seems like just a great story, but it is the first movie in history to be structured around a shamanic ritual, which when experienced by certain audiences, creates an identification with the near death awakening of the lead character and results in radical and instantaneous transformation in the viewer. Lou's violent stutter doesn't get him the respect he desrves. When a head injury robs him of his boxing career and forces him into the far corner of his life, his only hope for the future is as a fight trainer. But the pressure of 30 second round breaks makes him completely unintelligible, and useless as a coach. When he is confronted with the fact that his stutter may be due to his past instead of his mouth, he confronts his demons by creating a situation on the streets of his neighborhood that has never been seen in a motion picture before. A scene constructed to create a profound experience in it's viewer. A moment that has consistently stayed with audiences and been used in their lives.