Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge

Release date:TBD


Director:Todd Strauss-Schulson

MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Comedy, Animation

Plot Summary:

An adaptation of Oni Press' "Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge" from comic creators Brendan Hay and Justin Wagner which is planned to merge CGI and live-action. It is officially described as follows: Welcome to Toonie Terrace, home of the fun-loving Toonies and their jealous, bitter rivals, the Meanies. For all their shenanigans, no Meanie has ever murdered a Toonie… until now. After thousands of painful failed attempts, Rascal Raccoon has finally killed his arch-nemesis, the charming and adorable Jumpin’ Jackalope. Rascal is overjoyed, but there’s one problem: what does he do now? With nothing left to obsess over, Rascal’s life falls apart. Fortunately, he soon finds a new target for his anger: the animator who created him!