Release date: March 23, 2006

Studio: Zero Sum Productions

Director: James Bai

MPAA Rating: N/A


Starring: Elise Adams, Chuck Ardezzone, Jon Bavier, Stephen Galaida, Robbie Shapiro

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Duration: N/A

Copyright Holder: N/A

Copyright: N/A

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Plot Summary:

Director-writer James Bai employs special effects wizardry and sci-fi storytelling in this futuristic take on the conflict between man and machine. In a dreary, depopulated world where technology has been outlawed, a reclusive scientist named Walter secretly creates a self-aware android in his own image and names him Puzzlehead. Walter finds Puzzlehead useful - as a project, his companion, his housekeeper, and most significantly his connection to the outside world. Like a child, Puzzlehead develops his own personality and self-awareness through his experiences, ultimately leading to a curious love triangle when Puzzlehead meets Julia, a woman whom Walter has yearned for but never dared to approach. When Walter impersonates Puzzlehead to pursue Julia himself, the android and his maker are drawn into a sinister spiral of passion and betrayal.

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