Pretty Boy Floyd

Release date:TBD


Director:Wayne Kramer

MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Thriller, Crime

Plot Summary:

Crime-thriller "Pretty Boy Floyd," based on the life of famous outlaw Charles 'Pretty Boy' Floyd. Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd was a bank robber during the infamous gangster era of the 1920s and was wanted by the FBI for the Kansas City murder of police officers. Floyd, however, considered himself something of a Robin Hood. Kramer will bring a 21st-century style and energy to Kevin Bernhardt's meticulously researched screenplay about Charles Arthur Floyd's life, without sacrificing the verisimilitude of the period, or over sensationalizing the characters themselves. At the heart of 'Pretty Boy Floyd' is a great love story about an outlaw on the run who can't stay away from the woman he loves, no matter how destructive the relationship is for both of them, which ultimately leads to his demise."