Oyster Farmer

Release date:July 29, 2005

Studio:Cinema Guild

Director:Anna Reeves

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Alex O'Lachlan, Diana Glenn, Kerry Armstrong, Jack Thompson

Genre:Drama, Romance, Crime

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Plot Summary:

Oyster Farmer is the story of Jack Flange (Alex O'Lachlan), an enterprising young man who moves from Sydney into an isolated, close-knit community of oyster farmers. In desperate need of money, Jack robs a local fish market (with a frozen lobster) and mails the cash to himself. When the package goes missing, he fears the police may be on to him or that someone in the eccentric oyster farmer community has intercepted the loot. His suspicion falls on the bewitching Pearl (Diana Glenn), a local beauty whose expensive tastes do not go unnoticed, but who just might be his salvation.