One Last Thing Before I Go

Release date:TBD

Studio:Paramount Pictures


MPAA Rating:N/A



Genre:Drama, Comedy

Plot Summary:

Based on Jonathan Topper's upcoming novel, "One Last Thing Before I Go." J.J. Abrams is set to produce the film version of the book, which is officially described as follows: Silver has begun to accept that life isn't going to turn out as he expected. His ex-wife is about to marry a terrific guy Silver can’t quite bring himself to hate. And his Princeton-bound teenage daughter Casey has just confided in him that she's pregnant--because he’s the one she cares least about letting down. With the wedding looming and Casey in crisis, this broken family struggles, bonds, and comes together only to risk damaging each other even more. Lives begin anew, change radically, or in Silver’s case--as he discovers that he could die at any moment without an operation he refuses to have--may be about to end in an instant.