Oki's Movie

Release date:April 16, 2012


Director:Hong Sang-soo

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

An elegant quartet of interlocking vignettes ("A Day for Incantation," "King of Kisses," "After the Snowstorm" and the titular "Oki's Movie") by Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo ("Woman on the Beach," Cannes Un Certain Regard winner "Hahaha" and the upcoming "The Day He Arrives") "Oki's Movie" was an official selection of the Venice, Toronto and New York Film Festivals. This dramatic comedy follows a young woman named Oki as she hikes Seoul's Mount Acha twice, a year apart, accompanied by different boyfriends; a blithe fellow film student and their older professor with whom she has become romantically involved. Oki lovingly documents the two trips and then edits together corresponding memories; her juxtapositions are revelatory, both of her relationship with each man and of the power of cinema to reveal the subtle differences.