Ocean of Pearls

Release date:May 7, 2010

Studio:Lightpost Pictures

Director:Sarab S. Neelam

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Amrit Singh, Navi Rawat, Ron Canada, Dennis Haskins, Heather McComb, Brenda Strong, Todd Babcock


Plot Summary:

Amrit Singh (Omid Abtahi, "24" and "Flash Forward") is a handsome young Toronto transplant specialist, a visionary who is offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a position as a surgeon at a Detroit hospital's esteemed transplant center. He accepts the position, leaving behind his traditional-minded family and girlfriend (Navi Rawat, Loveless in Los Angeles), but a swirl of conflicts soon engulf Singh including a disagreement with an incompetent surgeon (Dennis Haskins, "Saved by the Bell"), a clash with pragmatic hospital Chief of Staff Dr. William Ballard (Ron Canada, "Weeds"), and an unexpected flirtation with hospital administrator Susan Clark (Heather McComb, "Prison Break"). Amrit also soon discovers that a second surgeon, Ryan Bristol (Todd Babock, "Grey's Anatomy"), has been asked to present Singh's research to a potential donor. The board had decided that Bristol, son of a senator and a member of a powerful family, would be more likely to clinch the substantial donation than a turbaned and bearded Sikh. Fearing that he is in danger of not being named chief of transplant surgery, Singh contemplates the unimaginable for a Sikh -- cutting off his hair and forsaking his turban.