Release date:November 12, 2004
(NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami)

Studio:Red Rose Productions

Director:Chazz Palminteri

MPAA Rating:PG (for sensuality, thematic material and some language)


Starring:Penelope Cruz, Susan Sarandon, Paul Walker, Alan Arkin, Marcus Thomas


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Plot Summary:

Miracles are closer than you think. It's Christmas Eve in New York City and with some help from each other – and more importantly, from themselves – five people will discover new meaning on Christmas Day... In stark contrast to her success as a book editor, Rose's (Sarandon) personal life is in disarray. Burdened by a recent divorce and charged as sole caretaker of her ailing mother, she finds herself hopeless and lonely when her holiday doldrums are interrupted by Charlie – an unexpected friend – who reminds her that no one is ever truly alone at Christmas. New York City police officer Mike Riley (Walker) had planned to spend the holiday with his fiancée, Nina (Cruz),when his own paranoia and misplaced jealousy drive her away. Nina leaves to seek solace with relatives and reevaluate her future with Mike. In her absence, Mike learns from the tragic past of a stranger, Artie (Arkin),where his jealousy can lead. Jules (Thomas) has a single happy Christmas memory, when he was fourteen. Today, a troubled twenty-something with no family and friends to speak of, he plans to recapture that happiness through extreme measures, but first must find the courage to step beyond his past to find true contentment.