Night of Henna

Release date:March 11, 2005
(SF; Detroit: April 15; NY, NJ: April 22)

Studio:Phenomenon Films

Director:Hassan Zee

MPAA Rating:Unrated


Starring:Pooja Kumar, Suhail Tayeb, Craig Marker, Girja Shankar


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Plot Summary:

Hava (Pooja Kumar), a beautiful Pakistani-American girl, returns fully grown to America after a traditional upbringing in Pakistan where her parents felt she would be untainted by American culture. Finding herself in an exciting new environment, Hava's eyes open to life's possibilities. She thinks her dream of going to the University will come true, but her marriage has already been arranged by her parents. As a result, Hava finds herself engaged in not just a clash of cultures, but a battle for her very survival as an individual.