Release date:April 20, 2011

Studio:Tribeca Films

Director:Peter Mullan

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Conor McCarron, Mhairi Anderson, Martin Bell, Joe Cassidy, Linda Cuthbert, Alex Donald, Gary Lewis, Richard Mack, David McKay


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Plot Summary:

Acclaimed actor/writer/director Peter Mullan ("Orphans," "The Magdalene Sisters") returns to the gritty terrain of 1970s Glasgow with his third directorial feature, "NEDS." John McGill is on the brink of adolescence with a promising academic future. At school he lives in the shadow of his expelled older brother Benny's less than stellar reputation, making teachers suspicious of what type of potential he has. His home life consists of a violent, drunken father (Mullan) and a repressed mother. Surrounded by bullies and NEDS ("Non-Educated Delinquents"), John, with no support system, takes to the savage life of the streets with a vengeance.