Naughty or Nice

Release date:November 17, 2005

Studio:Bjort Productions

Director:Chris Tyrrell

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Bobby Baldassari, Scott Carney, Kevin Cirone, Stacey Cruwys, Mark DiSanzo, Nafisa Ford, Leona Ma, Thomas Mariano, Katherine Ryan, Rob Savage, Yemi Sekoni, Ron White


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Plot Summary:

Twas 2 days before Christmas, when all through the house Brian loudly kept stirring to awaken his spouse. And when Kiki arose from her welcome siesta, He reminded her of that night's Christmas fiesta. She snapped out of feeling all snug in their bed, and visions of vacuuming popped in her head. So the couple got ready for the guests to arrive, Hoping after the party their love would survive. When out on the doorstep there arose such a clatter, That they stopped doing laundry to see what was the matter. Their old buddy Eddie, a chef and a boor. And his wife Natalie were the first at the door. Next up was Hank, always ready to dish, And Kiki's young sister, the foul-natured Trish, And Wesley, the brother of Brian, who's rich, And Brian's boss, Olivia, who's clearly, well... not a very nice person. The kind-hearted Myra and Zack showed up next, And a blast from the past arrived: Doug, Kiki's ex. Then Jared, the brother of Brian and Wes Showed up as the most uninvited of guests. The party ensued, and the liquor was flowing, And outside the house they could see it was snowing. Some tried to go caroling without a song, While others stayed put and tried to just get along. An emergency call forced Brian to go. On returning, his auto broke down in the snow. Olivia flew off to pick Brian up. Kiki feared she was off to pick Brian up. Meanwhile, the party was garnering spice, As the guests commenced playing Naughty or Nice. There was goosing and licking and kissing about. From their closets, all skeletons soon were swept out. Parked on the roadside were Olivia and Brian, To take things much further, she clearly was trying. Doug consoled Kiki, as they lay in her bed, And he mentioned intentions he had in his head. Evidently downstairs a brawl was beginning, Wes and Jared were bloody, and no one was winning. The stockings were strewn 'round the room in distress, But soon they would all be in more of a mess! The power went out, without warning or sound. In darkness and silence they gathered around. Trapped in the snowstorm with nothing to do. They carelessly whispered until they weren't blue. When the power returned, there was much still to mend. As so much had gone wrong between family and friend. Eventually these words would have to suffice: "Merry Christmas to All, whether Naughty or Nice."