National Lampoon Presents Electric Apricot

Release date:November 9, 2007

Studio:National Lampoon

Director:Les Claypool

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Seth Green, Matt Stone


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Plot Summary:

From legendary Primus bassist Les Claypool comes "National Lampoon presents Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo," a spoof about jam bands told in the style of "This Is Spinal Tap" and "A Mighty Wind." In the spring of 2005, Les Claypool set forth to make a documentary reflecting an element of contemporary music culture which had yet to be fully examined. The notion was to capture something raw and original. Les searched for something unpretentious and genuine and he yearned to make a film that would stand out from other music documentaries. Who he found was Electric Apricot and what he achieved was enlightenment. Unexpectedly, while searching for enlightenment the duality of existence was unveiled. Striving for the glory of the Grateful Dead and Phish is Electric Apricot, Claypool's fictional traveling jam band. The film follows the journey of Electric Apricot as they hit the road to make it to the pinnacle event of their career, Festeroo. The members of the band go by the assumed names, Steve "Aiwess" Trouzdale on bass and vocals, Steve "Gordo" Gordon on guitar and vocals, Herschal Tambor Brillstien on keyboards and vocals, and Lapland "Lapdog" Miclovik on drums and vocals.